An ethnomodel of a traditional Penobscot summer dwelling


  • Tod Shockey University of Toledo


Mathematics Education, Ethnomathematics, Ethnomodelling, Native American Education.


Shockey and Mitchell (2006) have engaged an ethnomathematical lens to describe the construction of a Penobscot hemispherical lodge. In that paper, the primary focus was on the etic view of the mathematics educators. Here, they consider the pedagogical implications, and have attempted to contribute to ethnomathematics literature by suggesting this was a Native North American perspective. In this article, Shockey and Mitchell revisit a summer dwelling through the emic view by utilizing units of analysis related to Bishop’s six cultural activities (1991). This work represents the authors’ first attempt with ethnomathematics, used to move from a strictly western etic perspective that emphasizes the universal assumptions that we call mathematics.



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