Ethnomathematics: a political tool for Latin America


  • Hilbert Blanco-Álvarez Universidad de Nariño/Universidad de Granada
  • María Luisa Oliveras Universidad de Granada


Intercultural Curriculum, Cultural Valorization, African-Descendent Communities, Political Dimension, Ethnomathematics.


We analyze how the political dimension of ethnomathematics can be an effective tool for eurocentrism. Our thesis is that ethnomathematics is a useful tool for defending the mathematical knowledge of the communities in Latin America that are facing globalization, the specialization of the sciences, colonization, official histories, and the existence of a single truth, and can be used to develop a more inclusive, pertinent, and meaningful mathematics education. To support this thesis, we present three experiences where ethnomathematics played a main role in creating awareness of and revaluing this knowledge. In addition we present a work proposal to be used in the classroom that shows how to go from using ethnomathematics like a motivating element to an element of cultural valorization. We conclude by showing how ethnomathematics, and its political dimension in particular, contributes to the search for a better education, in line with the educational goals established by the Organization of Iberoamerican States (OEI).



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Blanco-Álvarez, H., & Oliveras, M. L. (2018). Ethnomathematics: a political tool for Latin America. Revista Internacional De Pesquisa Em Educação Matemática, 6(1). Recuperado de