University & community: an ethnic-racial theme from the perspective of the ethnomathematics program


  • Cristiane Coppe Universidade Federal de Uberlândia


Teacher Education, Ethnomathematics Program, Racial-Ethnic Relations, University, Community.


In this text, we create a dialogue in relation to ethnic and racial education. The work represented here originates from experiences during a postdoctoral research project (2014-2015) conducted at the Faculdade de Educação (College of Education), at the Universidade de São Paulo (University of São Paulo) and the Instituto de Educação (Institute of Education) at the Universidade de Lisboa (University of Lisbon). From the perspective of an ethnomathematics program, which primary goal is to unleash transdisciplinary aspects, the dialogue presented here focuses on the movement of coming and going between the University and the Community. We also present here facts and data from five Centers for African-Brazilian Studies and the African Center Studies of the Universidade do Porto (University of Porto), seeking to highlight the political, pedagogical, and cultural interfaces of their constitution in Brazil and Portugal and their actions for teacher education with African-racial themes. The school community is evidenced by elements gathered from the activities developed in the project Fronteiras Urbanas (Urban Boundaries) in Portugal. We found that the centers in the school community we investigated have thought about education and teaching that can be re-signified in terms of an ethnomathematics program. This can be done best by proposing an exchange of experiences and the opening of knowledge and to the decolonized curriculum, strengthening the teaching of the individual by providing a new look to the world and its diversity.



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Coppe, C. (2018). University & community: an ethnic-racial theme from the perspective of the ethnomathematics program. Revista Internacional De Pesquisa Em Educação Matemática, 6(1). Recuperado de